Shuttle Connect - Tuesday 6th April
25 Mar 2021

We are excited to announce a brand new service, Shuttle Connect! The Shuttle Connect service replaces the existing Port of Tauranga ‘Shuttle Select’ service.

Shuttle Connect allows trucking companies and freight forwarders to inform the port of their preferred priority for containers moving to Metroport from Port of Tauranga. The three priority options are Priority, Standard and Delayed.

Priorities can be set up to six hours prior to vessel start work. This allows time for the Terminal team to plan the vessel discharge. Containers are then stacked in the yard according to their priority.

The new functionality will be introduced on Tuesday 6th April. You will see the Shuttle Connect functionality appear under the 'Services' tab once logged in. If you have any questions or queries, please email [email protected].

Please read the Shuttle Connect User-Guide, this is also available on our website under the 'Help' tab.


I'm already a PortConnect user, do I need to register again for Shuttle Connect?
No, if you are an existing Shuttle Select user then we will automatically give you access to the new Shuttle Connect functionality. 

Why can’t I select a time window anymore?
Longer vessel exchanges and issues outside of the port’s control mean they cannot guarantee a window for arrival. Setting the priority before discharge enables the port to plan containers to appropriate trains. 

When will my container arrive at the inland port?
That depends on when the container leaves the port and the conditions on the rail lines. You can sign up for Gate-Out and Gate-In Notifications so that you know once the container has left the seaport and once it has arrived at the inland port.

Will I still get automatic emails once my priority containers arrive at Metroport?
Users can receive free Gate-In Notifications when a Priority container gates in at Metroport. These notification emails will show the gate-in time and the reduced 36hrs free time for the container. You will need to set-up a Notification default for the Gate-In Notification, please see the Notifications User-Guide for steps.
Are there any other changes to the way the process works?
PortConnect has introduced that ability to set auto-requests so that you can set the priority before the container information has uploaded into the port system. You no longer need to wait until the container has been routed and is available to manage. The new functionality will mean no more Friday afternoon stress while you wait for a container to appear so you can manage it for a weekend arriving vessel!