Are you looking to find a sustainable transporter?
12 Oct 2019
In this age of climate change awareness and school kids protesting, we are all looking to do our part to care for the environment (& keep our kids at school!). 

In the trucking industry, Reliance Transport aren’t messing about and have already started to replace their truck fleet with low emissions (Euro6) trucks and have their first electric truck landing in NZ in 2021.  Reliance has 3 around-town Electric Vehicle (EV) vans in operation now, helping to reduce the overall carbon emissions of the company.

By 2023, the fleet will comprise 50% low emissions trucks and 50% EVs with the target of a 100% EV fleet by 2026.


To the untrained eye the Euro6 trucks don’t look much different to most other trucks, however the impact on the environment is a 97-99% reduction of nasty stuff when compared with the current NZ emissions standards.

So if sustainability is what your company is all about, Reliance might just be the right business partner for you.