PortConnect Notifications and APIs
08 Oct 2019

We now have two options available for receiving container status changes. The first option is Notification emails, you can find more information in our Notifications User-Guide.
The second option is APIs which we are developing as an alternative to our existing Notifications and EDI functionality. Both Notifications and EDI rely heavily on email and this can lead to reliability issues. APIs allow direct connections between business and are more modern and maintainable. Our current APIs can be used to inform users of Gate In/Out events and Load/Discharge events.
We are currently offering a 3-month free trial for APIs. For more information, check out our PortConnect API Developer's Guide. Note that there are additional costs for the Container Visits and Container Events API's associated with the volume of calls that users make.
Once you've had the opportunity to read through the two options, send an email to info@portconnect.co.nz if you would like to sign up or if you have any questions.