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19 Dec 2019
PortConnect December Newsletter

Merry Christmas Everyone!
Please find our December Newsletter here.

04 Nov 2019
Subscribed Track & Trace Price Increase
Please be advised that there will be a price increase on the PortConnect Subscribed Track & Trace monthly subscription fee to be put into effect on 1 January 2020.
01 Nov 2019
Export Pre-Advice Booking Validation Rules
At the request of Shipping Lines and both the Ports of Auckland (POAL) and the Port of Tauranga (POTL), PortConnect will be adding additional validation to the Export Pre-Advice process so that Pre-Advice can only be submitted if all details match the Shipping Line booking information.

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About PortConnect

PortConnect is New Zealand's first comprehensive online cargo management system, providing viewing of and direct interaction with containers at the ports in Auckland and Tauranga, including their satellite ports Metroport, Triton, Wiri and Waikato Freight Hub.

PortConnect provides a single ‘port of call’ for shipping lines, transporters, importers, exporters, forwarders and regulatory authorities for dealing with our participating ports. PortConnect offers a comprehensive range of services and instant access to a central repository of containerised cargo information.

Our Services

Vessel Schedule

Look up vessel visit details for Vessels in Port, Expected Arrivals and Recent Departures.

Track & Trace

PortConnect provides two options to look up container details and event information. A free Public Track & Trace option and Subscribed Track & Trace, a monthly subscription which provides full container information.

Export Pre-Advice

Submit Export Pre-Advice to our partner ports.

Event Notifications

Subscribe to receive email notifications when events occur against containers.

Express PIN

Request and maintain Express PINs for transport companies entering Ports of Auckland.

Clear Container

For shipping lines, set import clearances, security checks and empty return depots.


Our restful API allows application integration with vessel schedule, container visits and events.


For shipping lines, Edifact messages including COPARN, COARRI, CODECO and VERMAS.

Trade Single Window

Partner port integration with the clearance platform used by NZ Customs and MPI.

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User Support hours - 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday. For queries outside of these hours please contact the port directly.

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